AZ Displays provides industrial grade TFT LCD solution for ignition interlock breathalyzer

Application Spotlight July 2017

breathThe Design
Ignition Interlock breathalyzer devices have become a standard mandatory requirement for DUI first time offenses in many states, causing an exponential increase in market demand. A leading device manufacturer has developed a low cost, yet high-tech, breathalyzer that has led the market in accuracy, response time, and affordability. AZ Displays provided this manufacturer with their ATM0177B3A, a small 1.77″ color LCD display, capable of depicting instructions to the driver with sharp contrast and good readability, a crucial factor when considering the safety of the driver.

About the Ignition Interlock Market
DUI offenders are required to purchase or lease ignition interlock devices at their own expense. Manufactures have therefore been faced with the challenge of providing cost-effective solutions, while still meeting safety requirements and maintaining all the standards imposed by law enforcement. The AZ Displays LCD solution in this instance made it possible to engineer a device that addresses all these challenges by offering a simple-to-use visual interface that is also ruggedized enough to be leased to the driver, therefore minimizing the cost of the device to the end user.

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