ZETTLER Displays – Value-added Optical Bonding Service for TFT modules

Application Spotlight, August 2020

A leading home appliance customer recently approached ZETTLER Group’s display division, AZ Displays, to help enhance the product appearance of a display device featuring a cover glass attached to a TFT display unit. The customer needed to get the cover glass bonded with a TFT in such way that the entire surface was to appear uniformly black (“all-black” effect) when the device is in power-off mode.

Touch Panels or plain cover glass mostly feature a black color silk print on the non-view (inactive) area of the cover glass. Due to light transmission and reflection rate difference between the silk print non-view area and the view area of the TFT, both areas effectively appear in two different shades when looking at the whole display unit in power-off mode. The shades depend on the bonding method used. The black color of the silk print contrasts with either a gray color of the view area (when using tape bonding) or a lighter black color (when using regular optical bonding).

AZ Displays successfully provided a special optical bonding solution to the customer to accommodate the requirement for a uniform “all-black” effect by combining suitable materials with special process technology. This treatment is suitable for indoor applications and currently provide such special optical bonding for product sizes up to 3.5″.

From a straight viewing (orthogonal) direction, the entire surface visually appears as one homogenous piece of black color cover glass. The image below shows the comparison of visual effects (power-off) of different bonding processes compared to the “all-black” solution.

About Optical Bonding

We have capabilities to provide various forms of bonding of TFT modules to be attached to touch panels (TP) or cover glass (CG); either a tape bonding or optical bonding process can be adopted

In tape bonding a TP or CG is attached to a TFT with adhesive tape by the edges of the screen glass. In optical bonding the TP or CG is glued to the LCD panel with either OCA or LOCA adhesive to completely fill the air gap between them.

Optical bonding improves the overall performance for the displays and is increasingly popular in both consumer and industrial applications. The illustration and comparison of two bonding processes are shown below.

Tape Bonding Optical Bonding
Advantage 1. Easier to process with higher yield rate.
2. Lower processing cost
1. Improved viewing experience by eliminating the illusion of pixel shift caused by air gaps – results in improved contrast and wider viewing angles.
2. Better dust & moisture protection by eliminating air gap between the cover glass and the LCD
3. Greater durability and shatter proof, as hardened OCA protects both TP/CG and LCD from shock.
Disadvantage 1. Air gap between TP (or CG) and LCD can cause glare and will cloud the image on the LCD reducing the visual performance -especially in brighter environments.
2. Moisture and dust might penetrate through the adhesive tape and cause fogging and condensation on the inner surface of glass.
3. More fragile in structure.
1. OCA/LOCA materials and process are more costly and optical bonding yield rate is lower and difficult to rework- especially for LOCA bonding which can handle the bonding for rugged/curved surface glass.
2. More complex in process and lower yield rate

ZETTLER Group and Digi-Key Electronics partner in new Distribution Relationship

Starting in May 2020, ZETTLER Group North America’s three product divisions have entered a long-term supplier relationship with Digi-Key Electronics, a highly recognized global industry leader in electronics components distribution.
ZETTLER’s product lines include electromechanical relays (American ZETTLER, Inc.), LCD TFT display solutions (AZ Displays, Inc.) and transformer/magnetic components (ZETTLER Magnetics, Inc.).

Each of ZETTLER’s product divisions will have a variety of their most important component lines represented on Digi-Key’s highly user-friendly digital search engines. All products are available for immediate purchase through Digi-Key’s top-rated transactional website infrastructure. Products range from power relays for many different applications, to IPS color TFT displays to AC/DC power modules and power transformers across a variety of electrical parameters. Applications and industries span across HVAC-R, Automotive, Solar, EV-Charging, Smart Energy, Building Automation, Industrial, Medical, LED Lighting, Energy Distribution & Management, Telecom and many more.

Like Digi-Key Electronics, ZETTLER has long been known for technical innovation, product quality and service in support of customers seeking reliable component solutions. As globally recognized brands, Digi-Key and ZETTLER both share in the idea of offering engineers and product designers immediate access to a vast array of well stocked product offerings through an easy-to-access, engineering friendly digital environment.
The combination of ZETTLER products with Digi-Key’s powerful presence in the digital space, along with its impeccable track record in product availability and on-time delivery, will make this partnership a formidable force in the marketplace.

AZ Displays offers HDMI and USB Touch backpack boards for IPS LCD’s up to 10.1″

AZ Displays is proud to expand their product offering to now include a full line up of HDMI and USB-HID boards for their IPS LCD product line. These HDMI scalar boards, along with the I2C to USB-HID PCAP touch controllers, can be used in production environments or for development purposes. Each HDMI board is specific to a display, ensuring that the displays optical performance is optimized to capture the right resolution, timing characteristics, and brightness properties.

Earlier this year, AZ Displays announced a wide array of IPS LCD modules that range from 1.3″ to 10.1″. As many engineers in the industry are excited to transition from traditional TN to IPS panels, they are looking for easy methods to light up displays and compare performance to these TN panels. These development boards make it easy to use our IPS panels as LCD monitors, simply requiring a 5V power supply (provided) and HMDI cable. The HDMI scalar will read a video source and scale it to the display’s native resolution, allowing engineers to see how GUI pages will look on AZ Displays’ panels. The following displays are already mated with both HDMI and USB boards:  

Display Size Specs Interface Board Touch Controller
ATM0430D44 4.3″ IPS, 800 x 480, 700 nits HDMI
ATM0430D44-CT 4.3″ IPS, 800 x 480, 600 nits, PCAP HDMI USB-HID
ATM0500D27 5.0″ IPS, 800 x 480, 400 nits HDMI
ATM0500D27-CT 5.0″ IPS, 800 x 480, 350 nits, PCAP HDMI USB-HID
ATM0500D27K 5.0″ IPS, 800 x 480, 1100 nits HDMI
 ATM0500D27K-CT 5.0″ IPS, 800 x 480, 950 nits, PCAP HDMI USB-HID
ATM0700L61 7.0″ IPS, 1024 x 600, 600 nits HDMI
ATM0700L61-CT 7.0″ IPS, 1024 x 600, 450 nits, PCAP HDMI USB-HID
ATM0700L61K 7.0″ IPS, 1024 x 600, 1000 nits HDMI
ATM0700L61K-CT 7.0″ IPS, 1024 x 600, 900 nits, PCAP HDMI USB-HID
ATM1010L19 10.1″ IPS, 1280 x 800, 330 nits HDMI
ATM1010L19-CT 10.1″ IPS, 1280 x 800, 330 nits PCAP HDMI USB-HID

ZETTLER Group North America Company Relocation.

ZETTLER Group North America is pleased to announce that we will be moving operations to below address in Vista, California.
This includes all North American ZETTLER Group Divisions:

American ZETTLER, Inc.
ZETTLER Magnetics, Inc.
ZETTLER Controls, Inc.
AZ Displays, Inc.
ZETTLER Integrated Solutions, Inc.

2410 Birch Street
Vista, CA 92081 USA

Phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

For more contact information, please visit https://www.zettlerusa.com/contact-us/

Our existing office in Aliso Viejo, CA will cease operations on March 13th, 2020 and we will resume on March 16th, 2020 from our new office in Vista, CA.

Please direct all correspondence and shipments to the new Vista address going forward.

If you have any questions concerning our new location, please feel free to reach out to us.

Yours sincerely,

Max Moegling
Vice President, Finance and Administration

AZ Displays offers full IPS LCD product line.

Product Spotlight January 2020

AZ Displays has released an entire line of IPS LCD panels, ranging from 1.54″ up to 10.1″. These LCD modules have been designed and built to mirror the traditional TN TFT LCD sizes (3.5″, 4.3″, 5.0″, 7.0″, etc) allowing users to seamlessly transition from a TN LCD to IPS. At comparable prices to TN LCD’s, these IPS panels deliver enhanced optical performance, with 80 degree viewing angles and sharp contrast when compared to standard TN.

ZETTLER IPS LCD DisplaysAs part of AZ Displays’ continued support for turn-key solutions to a variety of markets, these LCD modules are offered as off-the-shelf solutions for multiple touch and brightness options. These standard modules can be customized to have unique cover glass with logos, hardness ratings, as well as upgrades for environmental considerations (gaskets, EMI shields, optical bonding, etc).

As industrial markets integrate more advanced HMI technology, having high performance LCD’s at competitive prices has become more important than ever. Ideal for medical, industrial, HVAC-R, Marine, and outdoor applications, these display modules have unique touch solutions that consider the variety of touch panel requirements in these markets (10 point gestures, false-water touch, etc). With locally stocked samples and demos, AZ Displays makes it easy to evaluate and design-in our LCD’s into applications without the need of extensive engineering resources.

Turn-Key LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: Backpack Boards/Shields (Part 3/3).

Capability Spotlight, October 2019.

Industrial grade display solutions offer an extensive variety of interface options for both display and touch communications. Today, the two standard options for TFT technology, both traditional TN and the higher performance IPS, are RGB and LVDS. For PCAP touch solutions, I2C is the main off-the-shelf protocol. Many design engineers today are turning to solutions that require the least amount of software and hardware development and prefer to utilize development tools such as SBC/SOM that come HDMI and USB-HID ready for touch.

In addition to off-the-shelf LCD and touch solutions, AZ Displays offers “backpack boards” that allow users to communicate to our TFT/IPS LCDs by means of HDMI or VGA. These A/D video boards can be initialized to work with multiple display sizes, resolutions, and backlight driving characteristics. Ideal for SBC/SOM mainboards with HDMI/VGA input, these low-profile boards can be tape attached to the back of LCDs, or can be mounted by hardware (through-hole stand-offs) to accommodate most product designs.  Our touch panel controller boards make both resistive and PCAP touch panels USB-HID ready, for a true plug and play solution. These backpack boards come as standard solutions or can be customized to be application/design specific. Below is a list of solutions that AZ Displays has provided to the industrial display market:

HDMI/VGA Board USB-C Power and Video UART
USB-HID Touch SPI Custom Cables

Please contact us to learn more about our integration services.

Join ZETTLER Group on October 15th in Anaheim at the Future Electronics Tech Day!

Location: DoubleTree
Suites by Hilton Anaheim Resort – Convention Center, 2085 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92802

Event Date: Tuesday
October 15, 2019

RSVP: Register by Tuesday October 8, 2019

Join Zettler Group for this Free Event

Future Electronics invites you to attend the most advanced hands-on technical learning event in the region. This is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to new technology as you interact with over 50 of the industry’s top suppliers at the Technology Expo event. You can also choose to spend time in the classroom with deep-dive technical training taught by key technologists. Choose your own classes and customize your learning to your training needs.

Event Overview

Future Electronics is bringing together the largest group of leading technologists, from the industry’s top suppliers, to help you connect and learn about the latest technologies, tools, and services. The Technology Expo event will be open all day starting at 8:30am. We are offering 24 classes throughout the day ranging from the latest in edge computing, wireless, sensing, security, artificial intelligence, high performance analog, power, signal chain, connectors, IoT, and much more. We will be providing breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day

Zettler Group

The Zettler Group will be exhibiting our latest product and service offerings for relays, magnetics, and customized LCD solutions. Meet our technical sales team and learn more about our products and latest offerings.

Turn-Key LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: HMI Value-Add (Part 2/3)

Application Spotlight, May 2019

Zettler Displays designs unique custom made TFT LCD touch screen displays

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a critical aspect of product design that comes in the form of keypads, membranes, phone applications, or touch panels. Today, many industrial, medical, HVAC and other markets utilize touch panels as the main form of HMI.

With so many environmental factors considered in product design, choosing the right technology is important to ensure a ruggedized solution that will outperform the environment that the product is exposed to.

In addition to off-the-shelf touch panel solutions for most sizes under 10.1″, AZ Displays specializes in customization of resistive and capacitive touch panels. With integration facilities in both southern California and China, AZ Displays can support a wide array of applications and display sizes (up to 65″ with consigned product). The following are amongst the most commonly designed value-added services for touch panels:

Optical Bonding Custom Cover glass (up to 9H Hardness) Silk Printing
Extended Cover glass LED Logo Integration Gaskets

Beyond optical enhancement, these value-added services help in counteracting environmental obstacles in applications that are exposed to harsh environments:

Optical Bonding
  • Suitable for outdoor applications, ideal for reducing refraction of light between the LCD and touch panel by eliminating air gap.
  • Eliminates the possibility of condensation and humidity penetration between the LCD and touch panel.
Custom Cover Glass
  • Enhance strength for impact resistance, ideal for outdoor applications such as kiosks.
  • Specialized glass chemistry to address medical application requirements to have non-shard glass.

To learn more about our integration services, please reach out to sales@azdisplays.com
Next Part of Release Series (3/3): Performance Value-Add (HDMI Boards, USB Touch Controllers)

Turnkey LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: Series Overview (Part 1/3)

Application Spotlight, March 2019.

The continued evolution of the electronics industry has forced many hardware developers to adopt modular platform approaches in order to launch product into the market as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Today’s easily accessible world-wide market challenges companies to differentiate with features tailored to the audience or end customer.

AZ Displays has itself taken this approach with development of their turnkey LCD solutions, resulting in highly customizable display sub-systems ideally suited to developers of industrial, medical, pool/spa, HVAC, and irrigation systems. Our engineering team excels at taking our standard
product line (1.77″ – 10.4″) and integrating value-added features/services that include:

Optical Bonding Custom Cover glass (up to 9H Hardness) Silk Printing
Camera Integration HDMI A/D Boards & USB-HID Ready Touch Controllers Gaskets
Discrete Cap Touch Consigned Material Assembly (Enclosures) Custom Cables

By offering as many layers of the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) possible, AZ Displays offers a solution for engineers to reduce the amount of design time required to integrate a Touch LCD solution into their product, and limits the number of vendors on a BOM. This reduces qualification time, improves tolerance stack up within the HMI components, and reduces software/firmware initialization design time. By saving engineers time and money, AZ Displays helps to keep their customers ahead of the curve and get product out into the market as efficiently as possible.

The subsequent parts of this application spotlight series will feature :
Part 2/3: Visual Value-Add (Optical Bonding, Silk Printing, Custom Cover glass)
Part 3/3: Performance Value-Add (HDMI Boards, USB Touch Controllers, Sealing/Gaskets).

To learn more about our integration services, please reach out to sales@azdisplays.com

High Contrast Graphic Module for Outdoor Instrument Applications

Readability of LCD displays in outdoor human-machine interaction is becoming an increasingly critical factor in a variety of applications.

Traditional Mono LCD modules often run into the obstacle of poor readability in an outdoor ambiance due to brightness and viewing angle restrictions. Designers must then consider TFT LCD technology to overcome these obstacles, but with the trade-off of more expensive data logic controllers and the additional time/effort required to redesign the application.

Application: Environmental Monitoring Instruments
AZ Displays has recently been approached by a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments (air quality/ pollution monitoring) looking for improvement opportunities related to poor readability performance of mono LCDs in some of their outdoor products.

AZ Displays has developed a High Contrast Graphic Module with TFT LCD logic (3.5” and 5”), while utilizing a monochromatic LCD graphics driver. Integrated with ZETTLER’s patented driver logic technology, this HC Module can offer an easy connection and plug-in replacement for customers’ existing Mono LCD Module design while providing a much higher contrast, better viewing angles and more display color options compared to traditional Mono LCD products.

AZ Displays introduced the customer to the High Contrast Graphic Module (ATM2412 series) which is a perfectly fitted solution for their requirement. Adopting this plug-in-ready replacement option with a simple calibration adjustment, allowed the customer to quickly convert to a High Contrast Graphic solution, ideally suited for the customer’s outdoor portable product application


About AZ Displays, Inc.
AZ Displays Inc., a division of ZETTLER Group, manufactures and markets a broad
line of digital TFT panels and LCD modules, and is an industry leading provider
of top quality display solutions in a wide range of industry applications. AZ Displays
operates wholly owned engineering and manufacturing operations in Xiamen, China
and has sales, application engineering and distribution infrastructures in North
America, Hong Kong and Europe.

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Ricardo Anaya
AZD Engineering Support