AZ Displays Integration


AZ Displays, Inc. offers a full suite of Integration Solutions ranging from simple tape attach of touch panels to compete optical bonding monitors. We operate multiple clean rooms (class 100 and 1,000) in addition to project targeted assembly rooms within its Southern California facility. Each clean room and assembly room has easy access to secure inventory storage making it suitable to handle high value consigned inventory.

In addition to integration services for our standard size product range (3.5″ – 10.1″), we now also offer an expanded selection of display sizes of up to 26″, in order to support a wider range of integration solutions.

As a design and manufacturing organization, AZ Displays utilizes best engineering expertise from the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, and China.

We proudly service several notable companies as our customers from the following industries in America: military, avionics, marine, GPS, automotive, medical, POS, ATM, Gas Station, and Law Enforcement.

AZ Displays turnkey solutions