AZ Displays Introduces New Widespan 6.8″ LCD

Product Spotlight August 2018

The Design
AZ Displays is pleased to announce the release of ATM0680L2, a widespan 6.8″ LCD with the following specifications:

Dimensions: 181mm x 66.6mm x 4.50mm
Resolution: 480 x 1280
Brightness: 500 nits
Interface: LVDS
Graphics Driver IC: 0TA7290B

Market Demand
Widespan LCD’s are becoming increasingly popular, with applications such as high-end equalizers, casino gaming systems and Internet of Things (IoT) driving much of the demand. As end users have become familiar with the wide span look and feel of modern smartphones, familiarity and ease of use are factors to consider when designing in LCD’s, even for industrial applications. This display can be programmed to be operated in landscape or portrait mode, making it easy to integrate into a variety of different applications with different enclosure parameters.

Datasheets and more information can be found online at

For more information please contact AZ Displays, Inc.

About AZ Displays, Inc.
AZ Displays Inc., a division of ZETTLER Group, manufactures and markets a broad
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