AZ Displays Panel Options

Panel Options

AZ Displays, Inc. offers a strong line of standard, high-resolution panels up to 26.0″ readily available for value-added integration options such as:

Optical Bonding Passive Enhancement Films Touch Panels
Touch Controller Boards A/D Boards Strengthened Cover Glass
Model Description
G057AGE-T01 IAV 5.7″ module, QVGA
G057VGE-T01 IAV 5.7″ module, VGA
G070Y2-L01 IAV 7″WVGA module
G070Y2-T02 IAV 7″ WVGA
G070YG1-P01 IAV 7″ WVGA
G070Y3-T01 IAV 7″WVGA / LED
G080Y1-T01 IAV 8″WVGA
G101ICE-L01 IAV 10.1″ WXGA
G104V1-T03 IAV 10.4″VGA LED
G104S1-L01 IAV 10.4″ SVGA TN, 30kLED
G104AGE-L02 IAV 10.4″ SVGA TN, 50k LED
G104X1-L03 IAV 10.4″XGA 30khrs LED
G104X1-L04 IAV 10.4″ XGA 50khrs LED/AG
G121I1-L01 IAV 12.1″WXGA LED
G121S1-L02 IAV 12.1″ MVA 50khrs LED
G121AGE-L03 IAV 12.1″ MVA 50khrs LED
G121X1-L03 IAV 12.1″ TN 50khrs LED
G121X1-L04 IAV 12.1″ TN 30khrs LED
G133IGE-L03 IAV 13.3″ WXGA LED
G150XGE-L04(C4) IAV 15″ LED 400nits
G150XGE-L05 IAV 15″ LED 250nits
G150XGE-L06 IAV 15″ LED 250nits w/o WV film
G150XGE-L07 IAV 15″ LED 300nits
G154I1-LE1 IAV 15.4″WXGA LED
G156BGE-L01 IAV 15.6″ HD LED
G170J1-LE1 IAV 17″ WUXGA LED MVA (Don’t promote to automotive)
G185BGE-L01 IAV 18.5″ HD
N101ICG-L11 10.1″ Hybrid
M170EGE-L20 17″ Hybrid